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Does "brand" really make a difference??

I often hear people say that "branding" doesn't really make a difference.  Is that really the truth??  Many women who can afford to, and even some who can not, pay big money to carry Prada bags or wear D & G shoes.  Men spring for Jaguars or Mercedes over Toyotas or Hundais.  Most people will buy a Polo shirt instead of the generic of the same style at Walmart, Target or Sears.  Winn Dixie and Publix make cheaper butter, yet Land O Lakes is still a big seller.  Many people prefer Amana appliances over Whirpool, eventhough they are made by the same company.  If people prefer brands in all of these areas, do you think they look at the brand when choosing a real estate agent??

Obviously, personality closes the deal in real estate.  If a client likes you and feels you are qualified, professional, and hard working they will work with you, but do you miss opportunites by not being with a big "brand" ?  Does the RE/MAX agent get more opportunities to show he is qualified, professional, and hard working and therefore close more deals?  Does our brand bring us more opportunity?  Does it open more doors?

Having been a RE/MAX agent for years, I know first-hand that my brand does help me a lot.  RE/MAX has so much to offer, but the branding is at the top of the list.  I am perceived as being qualified and professional just by being with RE/MAX, as RE/MAX is known for having qualified and professional agents.  While I am proud of my qualifications and always prepared to discuss them, I rarely get asked about my experience, background, or education.  I rarely need to prove that I know my stuff.  It is almost like it is understood that I have passed a certain bar or I would not be a RE/MAX agent.  Statistics show that RE/MAX agents average more years in the business, more designations, and higher sales totals than the average for all agents, so perhaps the public knows those statistics.  I would like to think that is true, but I think it is more about the branding.  Everyone recognizes the RE/MAX balloon.  People see the billboards, the TV commercials, the yard signs, etc. They recognize the logo, just like they recognize the Nike emblem or Mercedes hood ornament.  Combine that with the constant repetition of the "Nobody sells more real estate than RE/MAX" and you've got some great positive branding.  I know for sure that it has helped me close the deal, but my question is... is it helping me even more than I know by presenting me with more opportunities to close the deal?  From a listing point of view, absolutely!  I am pretty confident that when I contact a potential seller and an agent from John Doe Realty or Homes Realty also contacts that potential seller, I am more likely to get the call for a listing appointment.  The agent from John Doe Realty may also get a call too, but he will usually spend half the appointment explaing how John Doe Realty can offer him the same stuff as RE/MAX.  If the appointment is an hour long, as mine usually are, he will only have 30 minutes to sell himself and his services, because he will spend half the appointment selling the fact that John Doe Realty is equal to or better than RE/MAX.  I won't have to explain who RE/MAX is and will have 60 minutes to sell myself and my services.  RE/MAX has so much more to offer than just the brand, so I usually tell people how this benefits them, but never have to explain who RE/MAX is, and therefore I can devote the whole 60 minutes to what we (RE/MAX and I) can do for them that nobody else can do.  It certainly gives me an edge in landing the listing.  

I have recruited some agents from unknown brands and they have told me that it is easier to get an appointment when farming and that they receive more immediate respect being with RE/MAX.  My question is, in what other areas are we benefitting that we don't even realize?  When a client refers a friend to me, is he more likely to just use me rather than shopping around because I am with RE/MAX?  Is a buyer more likely to google for a local RE/MAX agent and land on my site or does he google for a local realtor?  Is a buyer more likely to look up RE/MAX in the yellow pages or simply go to the real estate listings?  If he does go to the real estate listings, is he more likely to call a RE/MAX office or agent than John Doe Realty just because he recognizes the name?  Is a person I exchange business cards with at a party more likely to keep my card or send me a referral because I am with RE/MAX?  In what other areas does the brand help me??  Any thoughts??

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