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The rumors say...


I've heard the rumors....  I know the brokers of many brands are saying "she won't be here for long."  Let me be the one to tell you, they're WRONG... I'm here and I'm STAYING!  My office is growing at TWICE the pace expected in a good market, and while I feel the market is turning, I don't think anyone would dispute the fact that we are not in a good market yet, but nevertheless, my office is still growing at TWICE the pace expected in a GOOD market.   While MANY offices in the area are CONSOLIDATING locations, LAYING OFF bookkeepers, CUTTING services, FIRING secretaries, and CLOSING locations, my office is GROWING.  I have 23 phone lines waiting for you to use, 3,000 square feet of beautifully furnished prime office space for you to work at, a fabulous website that is getting 1,500 hits a month and climbing, a highly visible location with good walk-in traffic, internet ads to generate leads for you, full-time support staff to handle your needs and schedule your showings, state of the art equipment for you to use, T1 super fast internet, and all of the tools, training, leads, and brand recognition that RE/MAX offers.  My budget is significantly lower than that of many other offices in the area, as I do not have the extra staff and other costs added during the boom, but I am providing ALL the tools and services my agents need... and then some.  My budget has PLENTY of room to add even more tools and services as we grow and need them.  That is the model that businesses that last are built on.  I plan to be one of those businesses.


Let me tell you what I DON'T have, that many of your brokers DO.... I DON'T have an office manager's salary to pay because I am managing the office.  That's good for you because I am here for you as a broker, manager, and owner.  I DON'T have an office full real estate dabblers who haven't sold anything in years because I am only adding dedicated full-time agents to my team.  That's good for you because you are surrounded by positive, professional, successful people who are encouraging, not depressing.  I DON'T have a bookkeeper's salary to pay because I do the books and cut the checks myself.  That is good for you because you get your check faster with less paperwork.  I DON'T have multiple offices to distract me.  That is good for you because all of my time, energy, and attention is focused on the location at which you work.  I DON'T have set ways that are inflexible because my agents and I are building the office as we go.  That is good for you because your input matters.  I DON'T have rigid ideas because I am new and fresh.  That is good for you because I am trying new things everyday, keeping what works and eliminating what does't instead of just sticking with the way things have always been done.  I DON'T have an IT department to pay for and wait for because I handle the phone system, computers, and web site myself. That is good for you because if you need something changed or explained, I can do it right now instead of waiting for the IT guy to come by.  I DON'T have expensive leases on computers, copiers, or furnishings because I own everything in the office out right.  That's good for you because if it isn't right I don't have to wait for the lease to end to replace it.  There are many other things I DON'T have that your broker does, but what I DON'T have benefits you in the end.


Let me tell you about what I DO have... I have an unstoppable drive.  I joined RE/MAX when I first got my real estate license.  I immediately told my broker that I only wanted to work sellers.  He thought I was CRAZY and wouldn't be around for long.  He was WRONG, just like your broker is!  In my FIRST full calendar year in the business, I made OVER $100,000, and most of it was from representing sellers.  I do not cut corner nor break the rules.  Instead, I look better and more effective ways to do things and combine that with lots of hard work.


I know many of you have checked out my web site,, but haven't called to set up a meeting with me.  What are you waiting for?  It's confidential and there's no obligation.  Why not get some free information and make a new contact in the process?  Come see what a growing office looks like.  Come meet the lady they call "crazy" for opening a RE/MAX office in a down market.  Find out for yourself what RE/MAX Complete Solutions is all about.  Who knows, maybe I'll inspire you to take advantage of the BIGGEST brand in the world, the BEST tools and training out there, and encourage you to join the FASTEST GROWING OFFICE in the area.

Jenniffer Lee
RE/MAX Complete Solutions
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